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Grab Your Free* Three Glucology™ Pocket Sharps Containers

by IBD Medical on April 08, 2019

Keeping on top of your blood sugar levels means regular blood sugar testing. That means lancets, test strips and mess. To help keep everything clean and easy, the Glucology™ team created Glucology™ Pocket Containers.  

Testing on the go.

Good condition management can mean testing at any time or place. But testing on the go can be challenging. Chances are you're juggling lancets, strips, a lancing device, and glucometer.

AND THEN you have to find some way to safely dispose of all the used equipment. Not to mention that if you have to inject insulin, then you're also trying to wrangle needle points, ampules, and more. 

You CAN make it easier on yourself. 


Streamlining is all about reducing hassle; if there's an easier way to do something do it.

Don't waste a second trying to find a medical waste bin when you're out about and (spoiler alert, there probably isn't one near you, unless you're near a hospital).
Why not take the stress out of those moments with a Glucology™ Pocket Container

To help you see if Glucology™ Pocket Containers are right for you, we want to give you 3x for FREE!*

Just follow these 4x steps to get 3x FREE* containers with any purchase:

  • Visit
  • Add any product that you wish to purchase to your basket
  • Enter the discount code GET3 at the checkout (you will see a cent deducted from your cart which will indicate to our packing team to add your Free 3 Glucology™ sharp containers)
  • Finalise your order!
Each container can hold 25x needle points or lancets, plus test strips! They are sleek and compact, fitting easily into a small pocket, or bag. And an easy-to-use closing and locking mechanism means that you can keep everything sealed safely and tightly.
Terms and conditions: Offer valid until Midnight Wednesday (10/03/2019). Minimum spend of $1 is required. Offer incompatible with any other offer.

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