How This Australian Family Has Made Diabetes Easy!

Elissa Renouf is a mother of five, director of her own company and in charge of running her family farm. In addition to this, four of her children suffer from Type 1 Diabetes.


Image: Elissa and her children 


On the surface, Elissa Renouf looks like your typical Australian mother of five beautiful, happy, healthy, well-loved children. Delving further, you’ll learn their family’s life is a little more complicated than others where four of her children are challenged with Type 1 Diabetes, among other health complications. Even with the constant on going management of the health issues they’ve been handed, they’ve never lost determination to live as positive as possible.

Type 1 Diabetes affects the lives of 120,000 Australians and can be extremely taxing on sufferers, who are required to regularly inject themselves with insulin up to four times a day, as well as undergo consistent glucose tests. One can only imagine the level of strain this would put on young parents with a child suffering, let alone four. Despite this, Elissa maintains an incredibly positive outlook on her situation. “Diabetes is quite controllable,” she says. “You know, there are a lot of other diseases, I feel, that we can’t really control. Diabetes we can manage.”

It was out of her determination to better manage her children’s diabetes and the apparent gap in the market that Diabete-ezy was born: An Australian-owned, Australian-made company that aims in providing a range of convenient, user friendly, and easy to use products that help assist the management of the disease. The range of products include diabetes travel cases, diabetes tes kits, diabetes cleaning wipes, diabetes insulin pump accessories, diabetes posters and much more. At IBD Medial we are proud to distribute the range of Diabete-ezy products designed by Elissa around Australia, to ensure you can better manage your own or your family's diabetes.

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“It was really hard to get our kids into school and day care after they were diagnosed because as a first time parent of someone with Type 1, you don’t even know how to look after your child, let alone help someone else how to look after your child.”

Today Elissa continues to educate herself on the disease, regularly attending conferences, and constantly introducing new products to meet their demands. She believes that parents are not to blame diabetes for their problems, and should rather handle it in a positive way, as it will be how their children handle it for the rest of their lives. 


IBD Medical (an IBD Group company) is an Australian-owned boutique pharmacy sales and distribution company. We are committed to providing innovative yet cost-effective solutions to common personal problems. We search the world for high-end quality medical & personal care products that have been proven to be effective. We then make them available to our customers in Australia at affordable prices.

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  • As a type 1 diabetic myself, and a purchaser of diabete-eze products I can tell you that they are amazing and amazing quality.
    Cannot imagine having 4 children suffer together with this awful condition, I hope my little one never develops it!

    Tameeka Thompson
  • How inspiring :)

    Chanda A

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