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My Diabetes Diary: Injecting in public with Amy

by IBD Medical on April 07, 2022

Managing diabetes in general within a public space can feel daunting and embarrassing. For Amy, who has T2D, this is a topic that she’s all too familiar with. From her experience of feeling misjudged, to feeling like she had to hide to inject, we’ll be kickstarting a ‘my diabetes diary’ series to share experiences and tips on topics that aren’t often publicly talked about. 




by Elizabeth Peters on April 13, 2022

I had childhood diabetes, diabetic since 1972. I never cared about someone seeing me inject insulin, I was always very up front and honest so nobody seemed to get upset about it. When my kids were growing up and had sleepovers, I just took my insulin and needle out and took my shot all the while explaining to them my disease and medicine I am taking. I never wanted to show fear to a child because they may someday get diabetes.

by Ruthiec on April 11, 2022

What a great little chat about injecting in public. It has taken me over 2 years to feel comfortable with this (I was diagnosed TD1 in my late 50s (after DKA) and very self conscious with my pen. Now I just do it like Amy, under the table. I’ve gained confidence. It’s a necessary procedure and it was nice to hear it affirmed so well.

by Annette Bean on April 11, 2022

My husband and I have T2 diabetes and both use insulin. If anyone has a problem with my husband and me injecting our insulin in public, it is THEIR PROBLEM, not ours! My Mum was a T2 diabetic and would go to the bathroom to have her insulin. I refuse to do that- I just inject through my clothes. I mostly wear slacks and a top anyway, so it is easy to lift my top a little and inject!


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