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    Footcare Intro Bundle

    $ 29.95 AUD $ 34.95 AUD

      Glucology Diacare Copper Based Socks are specifically designed for people living with diabetes. The big feature here is the copper thread used in Cupron fabric, a patented Aussie fabric that offers anti-microbial deodorising properties that actually improve the appearance of skin. Combined with the socks hypo allergenic properties, they can help your feet to stay feeling fresh throughout the day, drawing excess moisture away from the skin.

      They feature non-tight tops that stay up without the painful grip of conventional elastic tops with comfort seams to prevent irritation and abrasions. Extra padding adds an additional layer of comfort focusing on the heels and toes while still maintaining their slim design.

      Diabalm is the specialised cream for dry and cracked feet that contains naturally occurring urea in a highly concentrated and thick emollient to keep your feet hydrated and healthy and prevent dry, cracked heels. 




      • 1x Glucology Diacare Copper Socks
      • 1x Dia Balm Foot Care Cream


      Glucology Diabetic Socks Features


      • Comfortable, soft and non-binding easy to pull on with loose-fitting tops and are not tight around your feet or ankles to ensure they won’t cut into your skin
      • Moisture-wicking and a hypoallergenic blend of fabrics to draw away sweat and moisture to keep skin dry and comfortable
      • Extra padding in the toes and heels, but not extra big due to a carefully contoured material to maintain shoe size 
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      Dia Balm Foot Care Cream Features


      • Fast-acting diabalm with results being seen in as little as 1-day!
      • Triple hydrating action promoting re-uptake of water through the skin
      • Extra concentrated with 25% Urea creating a thick formula without being greasy or watery
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      Still have a question? Follow the link here to access our Socks FAQ or Diabalm FAQ



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