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    Smart Travel & Cooling Bundle

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      When out and about, it can be difficult to make sure your insulin or medications remain cool. Our Smart Travel & Cooling Bundle makes it easier to manage your temperature-sensitive medications, to ensure they are constantly stored within the recommended temperature range. This will help avoid the medication degrading and reducing its effectiveness.

      The Glucology Cooling Pen Pouch is an advanced cooling pouch designed to keep insulin cool and safe from high temperatures without the use of bulky ice packs, making them compact for traveling. Activate with cold water to keep your insulin cool and enjoy the long-lasting effects for up to 36 hours. The pouch can be ‘reactivated’ by simply re-immersing it in cold water for another 36 hours of cooling benefits. Alongside the cooling pouch, our Glucology Diabetic travel case is designed to keep all your essentials close to you and to have them organised in one place when you're on the go. To complement, our sensor is compact, travel-friendly, and easy to use. It can be placed with your medications and will continuously measure the temperature of your medications. Travel safely knowing your sensor will alert you if the temperature exceeds the limit you’ve set. 




      • 1x Wireless Smart Temperature Sensor
      • 1x Insulin Cooling Pouch 
      • 1x Diabetic Travel Case (Plus or Classic)




      • Real-time temperature monitoring for insulin and medication
      • Push notifications to alert you when the temperature exceeds the limit of your inputted value
      • Add multiple medications to one user on the app with different preferences
      • Customise optimal temperature for your preferences and product recommendations
      • Charts and graphs of the displayed readings and history
      • Save and export data from the app to pdf files
      • For more information CLICK HERE




      • Immerse in water to activate and keep your insulin cool for up to 36 hours
      • Reusable whenever you need to extend the insulating effects by immersing again in cold water
      • Lightweight and compact design makes it travel-friendly and discreet while easily fitting up to 2 syringes and 2 vials at a time
      • For more information CLICK HERE



      • Store all your necessities in one space including insulin pens, medicine, alcohol wipes, glucose meter and more
      • Protective and hard shell to shield all delicate accessories from impact, especially when on the move
      • Stylish and discrete design to safely store all your delicate accessories
      • For more information CLICK HERE



      Our Classic Size Case is a slim and compact option allowing you to organise your daily supplies in one space. Perfect for short trips, simply grab and go! It fits insulin pens, alcohol wipes, sharps containers, glucose meter dextrose tablets and more! The Classic Case is 20cm long, 14.5cm wide and 4cm deep.

      Our Plus-size organiser has all the convenient features of the Classic and more! It features a separate top and bottom compartment so that you can store bulkier items including insulin pump and CGM supplies, snacks, an additional 6 insulin pens, and more. The perfect travel companion for long trips.  The Plus Case is 20cm long, 14.5cm wide and 9cm deep. 





      Still have a question? Follow the link here to access our Cooling Pouch FAQ or Case FAQ or our sensor manual




      Be sure to check the manufacturer-recommended storage instructions for your medication before placing them in the Glucology Cooler Bags, and before making decisions regarding temperature limits and warning alerts. 


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