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Glucology® Diabetes Travel Case | Planet Limited Edition
Glucology® Diabetes Travel Case | Planet Limited Edition

    Glucology® Diabetes Travel Case | Planet Limited Edition

    $ 49.95 AUD

      Our organiser cases are designed for people living with diabetes who are always on the go. Store all your essentials including insulin pens, medicine, alcohol wipes, glucose meter, and more.

      Our diabetic organiser case is hand-sewn and fitted with a protective hard-shell cover to shield all your delicate accessories from impact especially while you are on the move.

      Our diabetic organiser case boasts a discrete and handy design, which allows you to safely store all your daily needs stylishly. You can choose from 4 colours (Blue, Black, Pink, Red) and seasonal Limited-Edition patterns.

      Our Classic Size Case is a slim and compact option so that you can organise your daily supplies in one space. Simply grab and go!

      Looking for something more spacious? Our Plus-Size Organiser has all the convenient features of the Classic and more! It features a separate top and bottom compartment so that you can store bulkier items including insulin pump and CGM supplies, snacks, an additional 6 insulin pens, and more. The perfect travel companion for longer trips.

      All of our products come with a 12-month warranty.

      Classic Case -20cm long x 14.5cm wide x 4cm deep
      Plus Case -20cm long x 14.5cm wide x 9cm deep

      *Please note that an older version of the Glucology® Diabetes Travel Case is shown in the video for demonstration purposes. Please refer to the current product images to view the newest edition of the Plus Glucology® cases. 



      Our Glucology® travel organiser pack is designed specifically for diabetics who are always on the go. It features a large storage compartment, several inner pouches, pen holders, and elastic loops for holding your insulin pens, Glucology® cooler pouch, blood glucose meter, logbook, diary, lancets, jelly beans, alcohol wipes, test strips, syringes, glucose tablets, Glucology® sharps containers, ID cards, vials, and much more. 

      Any serious traveller knows how important it is to stay away from carrying bulky bags and packs. Our diabetic organiser cases easily fit inside a suitcase, rucksack, backpack, or work bag. It is hand sewn to withstand daily use and prevent the inner stitching from getting easily ripped apart. Keep all your diabetic supplies close at hand as you bring our travel pack to the beach, the woods, the mountains, and the seas.

      Our diabetic organiser pack lets you show off your fun personality as it is made available in 4 different colours: Blue, Black, Red, and Pink. Choose between a standard-sized variant or a bigger, Plus size one if you need more storage space for keeping diabetic supplies. Instead of carrying a large and heavy bag for your condition-managing supplies, have all your essentials securely packed in a handy storage

      *Please note that the Glucology® Diabetes Travel Case comes along- image showing filled-interior is for demonstration only. 


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