Dario's development story

1 in 11 adults in the world has diabetes. That's a total of 4,150,000 worldwide and approximately 1,700,000 Australians. 



That the world of healthcare has changed; it is no longer about disease-care, it’s about people-care. 
From smartphones to tablets, connecting with people and connecting with the tools we need to make our lives better, has never been easier. 


That you need access to the right tools. We understand what day-to-day living with diabetes feels like, and what you need to make that reality just a little bit easier. But we also understand that everyone experiences diabetes in their own way, and needs solutions tailored for them. 


Dario was founded in 2011 and we have taken the time to listen to our users to create the solutions you want, not what we think you want. Building a tool is easy, creating an experience that empowers people with diabetes and, ultimately, makes life better is what we focus on. The Dario family is made up of top tech engineers, medical advisors and people with many years serving the diabetes community.

Our Smart Meter is state-of-the-art, meeting the highest standards for accuracy (ISO – 2013 15197, TGA, FDA & CE approved). Our robust MyDario App was developed by top developers and diabetes management experts, packaged in a user-friendly and highly intuitive interface.


Because our Smart Diabetes Management Tool and Smart Meter were developed with you, the user, in mind – we are able to deliver a solution personalised to meet your goals. From tracking to monitoring all critical aspects of daily life – blood glucose, carbs, fitness, mood, etc. – we are able to deliver each user actionable insights that are optimal for self-management of diabetes. In addition, our engagement platform ensures that reminders, notifications and knowledge are at your fingertips, quickly and easily.





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