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Dario Sterile Lancets

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The Dario all-in-one glucose monitoring device uses an ultra-thin lancet for convenient, pain-free blood sampling. The lancet is designed for safety and only requires a tiny blood sample for an accurate measurements. Simply load a sample into the Dario Smart Meter! 

Just a few of the features are: 

✔ Each box contains 100 sterile (30G) lancelts

✔ Ultra-thin

✔ Pain-free blood sampling 

✔ 4 adjustable depths 


About Dario's All-in-One Smart Meter

The Dario All-in-One Smart Meter is specially designed to fit your lifestyle. This sleek, all-in-one glucose monitoring solution includes a simple-to-use glucose meter, disposable test strip cartridge and lancing device – that comfortably fits in your pocket. Connecting to your mobile device, the smart meter makes it easy to manage your health, automatically log results, and always stay connected with your health care professional or loved one – whether you’re at home or on the go.

The simple-to-use personalized smart meter automatically logs & tracks blood sugar levels, shows you how sugar levels change and provides actionable insights and alerts. It plugs conveniently into your smart mobile device so you can view and share results wherever you are. To purchase the Dario All-in-One Smart Meter through our online shop click here.

The Dario strips are subsidised by the National Diabetes Services Scheme (NDSS) and can be ordered at ANY pharmacy across Australia. Some participating pharmacies are Terry White, Pharamacy4Less, Cincotta, Soul Pattinson, Priceline, Chemist Warehouse and many others, to purchase the Dario strips through our online shop click here.




    As an Australian-owned boutique pharmacy sales and distribution company, IBD Medical is committed to providing innovative yet cost effective solutions to diabetics around Australia. We search the world for high-end quality medical & personal care products such as those from Dario, and we are proud to be the sole representative here in Australia..  -


    Remember to always work with your doctor before changing anything about your diabetes management. The above information is NOT medical advice.

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