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Glucology™ Skin Cleaning Swabs

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Use Glucology™ Skin Cleaning Swabs to clean your skin before and after injecting.

Easy to use, store and carry on the go, Glucology™ is proud to release this unique innovation. Registered with the Australian Therapeutic Goods Association as a Class I medical device, you can be confident that Glucology™ Skin Cleaning Swabs are a quality solution to skin cleaning on the go.

Injecting is a part of diabetic life. It’s important to always clean your skin before and after.

Glucology™ Skin Cleaning Swabs are made from hospital grade ingredients and are designed to easily clean the skin safely and effectively. Glucology™ Skin Cleaning Swabs can also be used to hygienically remove blood after testing and can be used for site preparation for an insulin pump.

Each box includes:

  •  16x Glucology™ Skin Cleaning swabs,
  •  Each swab is sterile, utilising 70% Isopropyl alcohol to clean skin,
  •  Individually packaged swabs ensure they will not dry-out,
  •  Individual hard swab-cases make them perfect for quick travel,
  •  These swab-cases are also resistant to incidental impact and moisture.


  • Simply break the rod containing the swab in two. This will reveal the sterile swabs.
  • Clean injection site with moist-head of the swab stick. 
  • Inject at the cleaned site.
  • Wipe away any excess blood from prick-site.
  • Dispose of swab stick and container. 

* Please notice that you are also able to use the swabs before blood glucose testing, as long as you wait 1 minutes between wiping and testing.


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