Glucology™ Skin Cleaning Wipes

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You deserve accuracy and safety. Use Glucology™ Skin Cleaning Wipes to clean your skin before and after lancing or injecting.

Designed in Australia, Glucology™ Skin Cleaning Wipes are made for diabetics. Easy to use, store and carry on the go, Glucology™ is proud to release these premier cleaning wipes. Registered with the Australian Therapeutic Goods Association as a Class I medical device, you can be confident that Glucology™ Skin Cleaning Wipes are a quality solution to skin cleaning on the go.

Lancing is a part of diabetic life. Whether you’re testing blood sugars or injecting, it’s important to always clean your skin before and after. Doing this will give you accuracy and safety.

Glucology™ Skin Cleaning Wipes are made from hospital grade ingredients and are designed to easily clean the skin safely and effectively. Glucology™ Skin Cleaning Wipes can also be used to hygienically remove blood after testing and can be used for site preparation for an insulin pump.

Each box includes:

  •  100x Glucology™ Skin Cleaning Wipes,
  •  Each wipe is sterile, utilising 70% Isopropyl alcohol to clean skin,
  •  Individually packaged wipes ensure they will not dry-out.
  • Simply open a wipe sachet,
  • Clean testing area or injection site with the moist wipe, 
  • Lance/inject at the cleaned site.
  • Wipe away any excess blood from prick-site.
  • Dispose of the used wipe.

Accuracy and Safety

Foreign bodies left on the skin can interfere with blood sugar readings. For example, something as small as water left on your skin (or worse, something like juice that already has such high sugar levels) at the puncture site can lead to falsely elevated readings.

You’re also not just trying to get rid of things you can see like dirt, food, or dust, but the nasties you can’t see- like germs, bacteria, and fungi. Lancing introducing a foreign object (the needle) into your body and you need to ensure that nothing hitches a ride inside. Thoroughly cleaning injection/lancing sites help prevent this.

And while washing your hands before testing seems like a simple solution to remove all impurities, such as fruit juice, food, and dirt, every something as simple as excess water can interfere with accurate testing. 

What's worse is when you're out and about and can't get somewhere to wash your hands. Don't let the rush and pressure of daily life get in the way of safe cleaning and maintenance habits.

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