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Glucology™ Skin Cleaning Wipes

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Use Glucology™ Skin Cleaning Wipes to clean your skin before and after injecting.

Easy to use, store and carry on the go, Glucology™ is proud to release these premier cleaning wipes. Registered with the Australian Therapeutic Goods Association as a Class I medical device, you can be confident that Glucology™ Skin Cleaning Wipes are a quality solution to skin cleaning on the go.

Injecting is a part of diabetic life and it’s important to always clean your skin before and after. 

Glucology™ Skin Cleaning Wipes are made from hospital grade ingredients and are designed to easily clean the skin safely and effectively. Glucology™ Skin Cleaning Wipes can also be used to hygienically remove blood after testing your blood sugar levels and can be used for site preparation for an insulin pump.

Each box includes:

  •  100x Glucology™ Skin Cleaning Wipes,
  •  Each wipe is sterile, utilising 70% Isopropyl alcohol to clean skin,
  •  Individually packaged wipes ensure they will not dry-out.


  • Simply open a wipe sachet,
  • Clean injection site with the moist wipe, 
  • Inject at the cleaned site.
  • Wipe away any excess blood from prick-site.
  • Dispose of the used wipe.

* Please notice that you are also able to use the wipes before blood glucose testing, as long as you wait 1 minute between wiping and testing.

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