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The Diabetes Travel Essentials Pack

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Receive a bonus MySharps needle container when you purchase this special diabetes pack! 

We know the challenges of maintaining an active lifestyle with Diabetes and we've prepared the perfect bundle pack which includes our two favourite products of the season.

We have for you today, a bundle pack including our bestselling product which landed in Australia only within the past few months; the Insulin Temperature Shield by Tempramed. Slim, lightweight and easy to use. The perfect solution for keeping your insulin cool on-the-go.

Paired with this, is our convenient and stylish Ezy-Fit Case which can carry all of your daily diabetes needs in one place, including the insulin temperature shield. 

  • Your choice of Insulin Temperature Shield dependent on your choice of insulin pen. 
  • An Ezyfit case of your choice of colour.

      Say Goodbye to your Ice-Packs 

      Due to Australia’s soaring temperatures throughout the year it can be difficult to keep your insulin at the desired temperature.

      The VIVI CAP1 by TempraMed takes away the daily hassle of keeping your insulin cool and provides a smart and effective cooling system. No need for refrigeration, this temperature shield provides a safe temperature below 29°C for up to 12 hours at a time and automatically recharges when the ambient temperature drops below 28°C. 

      • Cooling to recommended temperature
      • Just put it on and it works
      • No need for refrigeration to activate
      • Temperature assurance indicator
      • Replacement to pen cap
      • Small and lightweight
      • Fits your pocket
      • 12-months warranty

      To read the clinical trial, click here! 


      Comes in 3 different models:

      • For use with the Lilly KwikPen ( models: Humalog ; Humalog Mix 50/50 ; Humalog Mix 75/25 )
      • For use with the Novo Nordisk FlexPen ( models: NovoRapid ; Novolog ; Victoza ; Levemir ; Protaphane ; Novomix 50 ; Novomix 30/70 )
      • For use with the Sanofi Solostar ( models : Lantus ; Apidra )

      Physical dimensions: Weight:60gr, Length:89mm, Diameter:30mm


      The Story Behind the Diabete-Ezy 

        Suffering from the battles of carrying all her diabetic equipment for her 4 children, Elissa, CEO and founder of Diabete-ezy created the Ezy - fit Case to be able to secure all her diabetic needs such as her strips, meters, lancets and more in a simple case. 

        The Ezy-Fit Case carries all of your daily diabetes needs in one place. The outer case is made of a durable and easy-to-clean hardshell material. Inside features of the case include housing for:

        • Record Book.
        • Pen. 
        • Card-sized personalised management plan.
        • 2 pen needles.
        • Test-wipes dispenser.
        • BGL meter.
        • Lancet device.
        • Test strips.
        • Needle tip refills
        • Rubbish bin.
        • Other equipment

        The case suits most blood glucose meters, including the Dario Smart Glucose Meter, Optium, Xceed, FreeStyle mini, Accu-Chek Perfoma, Integra, Go, Senso Card, CareSens, TrueTrack.


        20cm x 14cm x 3.5cm.

        * Please notice that the equipment is not included in the case.

        BONUS MySharps Needle Bin: 

        Made in Denmark the MySharps bin is one of the smallest in the range of sharps bins. The compact stylish design means it can even fit into a pocket and handbag. It is tiny enough to take out during your day to day life without weighing you down and on short trips and holidays.

        MySharps fits in your pocket and will hold up to 25 pen needle tips, as well as used test strips.

        • The Mini Sharps Bin has a secure locking method.

        • Safe, discrete and easy to use    

        • Convenient at work or when on the move

        • Easy to dispose of safely

        • Suitable for all sizes of insulin pen needles and strips


        IBD Medical with Tempramed Inc. and Diabete-Ezy. 

        As an Australian-owned boutique pharmacy sales and distribution company, IBD Medical (an IBD Group company) is committed to providing innovative yet cost effective solutions to common personal problems. We search the world for high-end quality medical & personal care products such as those from TempraMed Inc. and Diabete-ezy and we are proud to be the distributors of their products here in Australia

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