Insulin Temperature Shield - Shop Diabetes products & Accessories Online | Australia | IBD Medical
Insulin Temperature Shield - Shop Diabetes products & Accessories Online | Australia | IBD Medical
Insulin Temperature Shield - Shop Diabetes products & Accessories Online | Australia | IBD Medical
Insulin Temperature Shield - Shop Diabetes products & Accessories Online | Australia | IBD Medical
Insulin Temperature Shield - Shop Diabetes products & Accessories Online | Australia | IBD Medical

    Insulin Temperature Shield

    $ 79.95 AUD
      Keeping Insulin Cool - 365 - Day Maintenance Free 
      Receive a bonus MySharps needle container when you purchase the Insulin Temperature Shield! 

      ✔ No need for refrigeration to activate 
      ✔ Cools to recommended temperature 
      ✔ Small and lightweight  
      ✔ Temperature assurance indicator  
      ✔ Say goodbye to your ice packs 
      ✔ Bonus MySharps needle container x 1

      Please note that the VIVICAP1 comes in 3 different models, please make sure to choose the model that suits your insulin pen.

      Slim, lightweight and easy to use. The perfect solution for keeping your insulin cool on-the-go. Due to Australia’s soaring temperatures throughout the year it can be difficult to keep your insulin at the desired temperature.
      The VIVI CAP1 by TempraMed takes away the daily hassle of keeping your insulin cool and provides a smart and effective cooling system.
      No need for refrigeration, this temperature shield provides a safe temperature below 29°C for up to 12 hours at a time and automatically recharges when the ambient temperature drops below 28°C. 
      ✔ Cooling to recommended temperature
      ✔ Just put it on and it works
      ✔ No need for refrigeration to activate
      ✔ Temperature assurance indicator
      ✔ Replacement to pen cap
      ✔ Small and lightweight
      ✔ Fits your pocket
      ✔ 1-year warranty
        To read the clinical trial, click here! 
        ----------------- Comes in 3 different models:
        • For use with the Lilly KwikPen ( models: Humalog ; Humalog Mix 50/50 ; Humalog Mix 75/25 )
        • For use with the Novo Nordisk FlexPen ( models: NovoRapid ; Novolog ; Victoza ; Levemir ; Protaphane ; Novomix 50 ; Novomix 30/70 )
        • For use with the Sanofi Solostar ( models : Lantus ; Apidra )
        Physical dimensions: Weight:60gr, Length:89mm, Diameter:30mm MySharps Needle Bin:  Made in Denmark the MySharps bin is one of the smallest in the range of sharps bins. The compact stylish design means it can even fit into a pocket and handbag. It is tiny enough to take out during your day to day life without weighing you down and on short trips and holidays. MySharps fits in your pocket and will hold up to 25 pen needle tips, as well as used test strips.
        • The Mini Sharps Bin has a secure locking method.
        • Safe, discrete and easy to use    
        • Convenient at work or when on the move
        • Easy to dispose of safely
        • Suitable for all sizes of insulin pen needles and strips
          ----------------- FAQ
        • What Is VIVI CAP?
        VIVI CAP1 is a replacement cap for insulin pens. It is intended to keep insulin cool within safe temperatures below 29°C (84.2°F) for minimum of 12 hours even in a constant environmental temperature of 37.8°C (100°F), when the device is placed inside a personal handbag. RRR
        • How Does It Work?
        The cap temperature regulation is passive and combines thermal insulation with heat absorbent material. The cap is ‘reactivated’/’filled up’ to provide safe storage conditions, whenever the ambient temperature gets below 26°C (78.8°F), for subsequent periods of 12 hours and for up to 365 days of continuous daily use. RRR
        • Do I Have To Place It In The Refrigerator?
        The heat absorbent material within VIVI CAP1 is ‘reactivated’/’filled up’ to its heat absorbing state, whenever the ambient temperature gets below 26°C (78.8°F), which is common indoors and even outdoors after sun down. Therefore, usually VIVI CAP1 is reactivated while it’s on the pen without any need to place it in the refrigerator. In rare events, if there is need to accelerate reactivation, VIVI CAP1 can be placed in a refrigerator without the insulin pen.
        • Can I Place The Pen With VIVI CAP1 Inside My Supplies Kit?
        Yes, VIVI CAP1 works even when it is placed inside a closed bag. It does not need any air flow for its activity and it is small enough to fit the supplies kit.
        • For How Long Will It Continue To Work?
        The electronics in VIVI CAP1 which is used to provide visual color indication of the temperature within the cap, will run for at least one year. VIVI CAP1 should be replaced after 1 year of continuous use, or if the electronics doesn’t work.
        VIVI cooling products are based on a combination of unique insulation material, heat absorbing chemicals and monitoring and control electronics. The same type of insulation found in spacecraft’s, avionics, cryotherapy and other high performance demanding thermal insulation applications have been applied to other technologies. The heat absorbing chemical named Phase Change Material is commonly used in “green construction”. The proprietary technology used with VIVI products combines the three to tailor a user friendly compact solution.
        When the VIVI CAP1 is exposed to ambient temperatures above 29°C slow transition of the PCM material from solid to liquid commences. This transition, due to the insulation, takes very long time to complete. During all this time the temperature inside the products which is in equilibrium with the drug chamber of the pens or vials, is fixed to 28°C. The user can monitor the temperature using the push bottom of the electronics which provide intuitive indication on the temperature of the drug. Whenever the ambient temperature falls below 28°C the PCM starts to return to solid state again allowing it to regain its heat absorbing property. It is enough for the products to remain overnight under such ambient conditions to reach that, without any action from the user.

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