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Things I wish people would stop saying to me: diabetes edition

by IBD Medical on December 09, 2022

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by Helen on January 30, 2023

“should you be eating that?”

by Loraine on January 30, 2023

I like sugar in my tea and coffee. No one ever offers it to me. They say “oh, I presumed you wouldn’t have sugar in your coffee. You’re a diabetic ..”. Some of my friends don’t even have sugar in their home. I carry my own. No artificial sweeteners for me.

by Kim on December 23, 2022

Heard that one so many times. Drives me up the wall one day I will explode. We don’t have a choice. Then it’s as if it’s your fault. I try to avoid even talking about it now. It is not worth the trouble. Everyone else seems to know more than you do. Huh!!! Only hade type 1 for 45 years & I know nothing. Give me strength.

by Lori on December 16, 2022

Oh my, I could NEVER take shots. (I respond, would you rather die?)


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