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Our Journey

Glucology has begun to delve deeper into the diabetes lifestyle sphere with the aim of providing more technologies and accessories to help support people living with diabetes. We are passionate about providing better support products to help alleviate the stress of managing diabetes. As our company continues to grow, one thing stays the same: our mission is to provide high-quality and affordable products to empower people living with diabetes. The first product designed by Glucology was the patented Diacare Copper-Based Socks. While Glucology products first focused on footcare, the brand's promise was to ease the burden of people living with diabetes. Over the past couple of years, Glucology has strived to achieve this. We have launched various support products such as: Diabetes Travel Organiser Cases, Insulin Cooling Pouches and Wallets, Fast-acting Glucose Chews, Insulin Pump Belts, CGM Patches, and many more