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Finding your people with Phoebe: diabetes edition

by IBD Medical on June 01, 2022


One of the biggest reasons Glucology prioritises itself as a community-driven platform is because we understand the importance of connections (not just for the diabetes community but also as a living human in general). 

We asked some questions to Phoebe, one of our Glucology Influencers, to have her help us shed light on the value of community and connections. Phoebe also provided some personal tips on how you can expand your support connections. 


1. How did you first start making meaningful supportive connections with like-minded people in the community

As a child there was never anyone I could connect with regarding my diabetes and I felt very isolated. When I was around 9 I started to go to Diabetes SA Kids camps and teens camps. I had made a few connections but nothing that was substantial when I became an adult, besides my mentor who I'm still friends with after 10 years.
The biggest impact was when I came back to camp as an adult and you could spend time with adults with diabetes and doctors/ nurses you spent your childhood with. Then I started connecting more through Instagram once i started my own account.

2. How have your relationships with people in the community or within your close social circle helped you with your diabetes journey? 

One of my closest friends is a type one diabetic and he is like my older brother. We often get mistaken for siblings due to our sibling bickering. He has been the person to call when I have been stubborn with my hypo treatments and my husband has his number too. He's also the one helping me with diabetes technology. He has used a wrench to help me push a transmitter onto a sensor because it wouldn't fit and I was getting super angry. 



3. What are the best ways to get involved and connect with the community (and where people can go to start if they feel a bit alone and don't know where to start)?

  • Getting involved with charity events or volunteering for kids events.
  • Messaging the people you see on Insta and saying hey. I literally messaged one of them asking them how an event had been as I had recognised the location to find out we live quite close and I'm more than happy for people to message me for a vent.

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