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Women's Day Spotlight on Amy Moore!

by IBD Medical on March 15, 2022

1. What does it mean to you to be a woman?

Being a woman can mean lot of different things to each of us. None of us are the same. We all have unique qualities and personalities that make us who we are. Over the years things have changed to help women shape their lives and this world around us. Every culture has different meanings for women and hold them at different levels of their society.

For me being a woman is meaning I have equal rights as male counter parts. It would mean equal pay and equal treatment in the workplace between both parties.


2. What contributions have you made or what roles do you play in your life that is meaningful to you?

It's hard to pick what contributions I have made to help in solidifying my role as how I see myself. I honestly feel like my work that I do in my job helps aid my contributing to the healing of people. I do a lot of things with out even thinking to help those around me.

I feel as women we have many different hats for many different situations that we face. I know one thing I can attest to is being strong for my husband when he was ill even while I was dealing with my own issues, struggling with diabetes. I was also a very strong advocate for his health and even while dealing with what was going on with him I was able to get my diabetes under control to the point my endocrinologist was encouraging me to start building a family like I had wanted. 



3. What empowered you to stand taller in the face of diabetes?

The one thing that encouraged me to stand taller in the face of diabetes was having my husband in my corner encouraging me that I can face it. He was always reminding me that diabetes doesn't discriminate and sometimes it's the world's way of a person dealing with what is handed to us. I know that I needed to make sure I have my diabetes under control not only because it's what my body needs but also because I want to be there as a mother for my children to come.

I want to be able to show them that yes I am a woman and that I am able to have the equal treatment for what I am going through just like my male counter parts have.



International Women's Day represents various things for different people. This is an important day to celebrate all women, but it’s also a day to support #BreakingTheBias for all genders (whether you identify as a woman, man, both, neither or somewhere in between).

To celebrate this day, Glucology is collaborating with some women in the diabetes community to spotlight their value and achievements. The message here is that there is a lot of strength behind anyone, regardless of where you come from or who you are. 

Next story spotlight we have is on Amy Moore! 



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