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10 tips for organising our diabetes products

by IBD Medical on February 09, 2023
Organising our diabetes products is crucial for managing the condition effectively. It helps ensure that essential items such as insulin pens, glucose meters, and test strips are readily accessible and easily located. Proper organisation of diabetes products helps to ensure that managing the disease is as stress-free and seamless as possible.
Organising diabetes products is crucial for managing the disease effectively. It helps ensure that essential items such as insulin pens, glucose meters, and test strips are readily accessible and easily located
Here are 10 simple tips that will assist us with this task

1. Make a list of all your diabetes supplies: Write down everything you need to manage your diabetes, including medications, blood glucose meters, test strips, lancets, insulin pumps, and other supplies.

2. Keep your supplies in a central location: Designate a place in your home where you keep all your diabetes supplies, and make sure it's easily accessible. Consider using a basket or a box specifically for your supplies.

3. Store supplies properly: Keep your supplies in a cool, dry place, and follow the manufacturer's guidelines for storage. Keep supplies away from direct sunlight and heat.

4. Use a system to keep track of your supplies: You may want to use a planner or an app to keep track of when you need to reorder supplies and when your supplies are due to expire.

5. Use airtight containers: Store your test strips and other supplies in airtight containers to protect them from moisture and prevent contamination.

6. Keep extra supplies on hand: Make sure you always have extra supplies on hand, so you don't run out when you need them. Consider keeping a backup meter, extra batteries, and a few extra test strips.

7. Store your insulin at the right temperature: Store your unopened insulin in the refrigerator to keep it at the proper temperature. Once opened most insulins can be stored at room temperature for up to 28 days, consider using an insulin cooling bag or container to transport your insulin when you're away from home and if outside temperature is above the manufacturers recommendations (make sure to always check the storage requirements for your particular medication). 

8. Store your pump and supplies in a safe place: Keep your insulin pump and other supplies in a safe place where they won't be lost or damaged. Consider using a pump belt, a clip or a holster to keep your pump close at hand.

9. Organise your supplies for travel: When you're traveling, make sure you have all the supplies you need, and consider using a travel case or organiser to keep your supplies organised and accessible.

10. Keep a record of your supplies: Keep a record of your supplies, including the type of supplies you have, the manufacturer, and the expiration date. This can help you keep track of your supplies and make reordering easier.

    By following these tips, you can ensure that you always have the supplies you need to manage your diabetes and stay healthy. Having an organized and well-stocked supply of diabetes products can help you feel more in control of your condition and reduce stress. 

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    Please remember, it is important to consult with a doctor or diabetes healthcare professional for personalised advice and guidance on how to manage diabetes. 

    Remember to always seek advice from your medical practitioner before changing anything about your diabetes management. The above information is not medical advice.

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