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Andi Balog Reviews our Glucology Diabetes Patterned Copper Socks

by IBD Medical on February 06, 2024

Step Up Your Sock Game with Glucology's Patterned Copper Socks! Glucology says embrace the fab, with our stylish new patterned socks infused with copper yarn! In this video, Andi Balog dives into the world of Glucology patterned copper socks, exploring:

  • Cute and trendy patterns: From bananas to avocados and even eggs, these socks are designed to normalize diabetes and show off your fun personality.
  • Copper yarn technology: Experience the protective and hygienic benefits of copper yarn embedded within the socks, promoting foot health.
  • Comfort and style: Discover socks that are both loose fitting, comfortable for all-day wear and fashionable enough to make a statement. Whether you're looking for a touch of fun or prioritizing foot health, Glucology's patterned copper socks are a game-changer!


Click the link below to snag your own pair and step into style and comfort! Check them out here ➡️



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