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Footcare and Diabetes

by IBD Medical on November 19, 2022

Diabetes and footcare

Looking after and monitoring your feet each day is very important to check for any potential risks. Having diabetes may increase your risk of experiencing foot complications. It is important for you to take care of your feet daily and check them for changes or issues as a preventative measure. If complications occur, visit a podiatrist annually for a check-up or more frequently if your feet are at high risk.

When buying new shoes

Looking after your feet also means wearing the right shoes and socks. Don’t rush into buying shoes that you are not completely happy with, it is better to make sure they are the right size, supportive enough, and comfortable before purchasing. Try to avoid open-toed or narrow shoes as these can make you more prone to injuries such as cuts. Open-toed shoes also make it easier for gravel, small stones, or dirt to get inside making it very uncomfortable and difficult to wash. Narrow shoes can rub against your feet, causing sores or blisters which may take a long time to heal. Have your feet measured and try on your shoes to make sure they are long and wide enough, as each shoe style or brand may have slightly different sizing. 

When exercising

Do not exercise if you have open sores or blisters on your feet. These wounds will take longer to heal when you are living with diabetes, so keep them protected and do not exercise until they are completely healed. Talk to your doctor or podiatrist about ways to exercise when you have sores on your feet. Ensure that you wear the right socks and shoes when exercising to reduce rubbing and blistering and prevent moisture build-up. Choose socks that are loose-fitting and won’t cut into your skin and have extra padding for comfort. 

Caring for your feet

Washing and moisturizing your feet daily is particularly important for people living with diabetes. Use warm water and wash all areas of your feet, especially between the toes. Pat your feet dry, don’t rub-dry as rubbing can remove loose skin on your feet. Washing and moisturising your feet can prevent problems such as infection, injury, and bone abnormalities. Keep looking after your feet and going for regular check-ups with your podiatrist to ensure proper management and prevention.

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Remember to always seek advice from your medical practitioner before changing anything about your diabetes management. The above information is not medical advice.


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by Marianne Welgemoed on October 28, 2021

I have bought the socks you suggest and find they are a nuisance when wearing closed shoes, they keep slipping down the back of my foot, as we would say in the old days, “they go to sleep”.