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by IBD Medical on May 06, 2022

In my early years of being diabetic, it was so nerve wrecking when I had to inject in public. I would often find people staring at me and wondering what I was doing and to me that felt extremely awkward and so I would often go to the bathroom to inject myself. But as I started to understand my diabetes more and to sort of realise that injecting in public isn’t as shameful as it seems.   


I was very lucky because I had people who understood that I was a diabetic. When I went to high school, I made sure to communicate with all my teachers about how I needed to treat myself and how at times I would need to inject myself during class and they always made sure that I was comfortable enough to do so and even my peers at school would not act funny or in a way that made me feel uncomfortable. It was a great feeling because it made me feel accepted and it made me feel less alone and in a way it made me educate my peers more about my condition and they also showed interest in it.


But also it wasn’t always this rosy especially when it came to injecting in places such as restaurants. I remember this one time when someone thought I was taking drugs and made a whole scene out of me injecting and it just made me feel so small because they couldn’t understand. 



Injecting in public shouldn’t be something to be ashamed of and in actual fact, it should be normal. For people who don’t use devices like the insulin pump, it is such a terrifying feeling when you have to inject in public because people will stare and make it seem as if you’re doing something that’s taboo whereas you are doing something to save your life and for me, I want people like me to normalise it. It’s okay to inject in public because at the end of the day you are saving your own life. No one else should matter when you decide to inject in public and it shouldn’t be a thing of people staring at you or making you feel small. 


Your diabetes management shouldn’t have to make someone else feel comfortable or uncomfortable but rather it should make you feel liberated and it should be a normal thing and if someone else feels some type of way then that’s on them because you are doing all that you can to live and you should be proud of yourself’