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Are meal plans the best option for weight loss?

by IBD Medical on March 09, 2022

meal plans

Written by Andi Balog

Meal plans are the standard solution given to those trying to lose weight. Whether you download one from google, work with an online coach or go to a credentialed dietician, they will often prescribe you a meal plan. While the idea behind it is good, the actual positive effect of a meal plan is slim. 


They aren’t sustainable

If you follow a meal plan, then decide to stop following it, you are left without any options or education about what you should and shouldn’t be eating - can you stick to that meal plan forever? No-one can. 


They make you eat past full - or cause you to severely cut your calories.

Meal plans tend to be very ‘cookie cutter’ and don’t take into account your individual preferences, needs, and intolerances. This sometimes makes meal plans unhealthy, unnecessary, and unsustainable. 


Eating should come naturally!

You weren’t designed to read from an app or piece of paper to tell you what/how much to eat for the rest of your life. 


Meal plans teach you NOTHING.

Once you stop using a meal plan you are left confused, stressed and anxious that your hard work will be undone because you really don’t know what you should be eating or how to listen to your own body for cues. 


There are other options aside from meal plans to help you lose and maintain your weight long term. The basis of this is education around nutrition and then applying it to your own needs/preferences/intolerances so you are eating a varied diet that you love - and fits your needs. Without having to read from a piece of paper every day!



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