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How do I eat to support my emotional & physical wellbeing?

by IBD Medical on August 23, 2022

Quite often when we think about food and eating well, the first thing we consider is eating for our physical wellbeing. Today, Andi (a T1D personal trainer and nutritionist who is also managing T1D herself) wants to challenge us on how we can have a more holistic relationship with the foods that we put into our body.

Eating for emotional and physical health

Andi wants us to consider also eating for our emotional health. This way, we aren't just eating for the moment but also for the future.

How we eat for our emotional wellbeing?

Ask yourself this question: 

  1.  Am I just enjoying this food in this moment or will I also enjoy it after I've eaten too? 

This is a great question that can contribute to how you manage diabetes, your sleep, your energy and your mood. 

Andi shares that when you start thinking about how you'll feel after you eat certain foods, it will make your health goals (weight gain or loss, muscle building etc.) be achieved a lot quicker. Overall, it can help you manage your blood sugars better as you'll feel good and you've got the energy to look after yourself!


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by Rosa Dias Santilhano on August 29, 2022

Just the tip I needed. Very well-framed. I hadn’t thought about emotional eating in that way. I have Type 2 diabetes and a recent gastric bypass and I keep on thinking that I will be hungry if I don’t stock up and eat that little bit more. But then… my weight stays the same.


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