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Traveling for Christmas with Diabetes

by IBD Medical on December 08, 2022

    travelling with diabetes

The Christmas holidays are a time to spend with family and friends, where for many this will mean traveling to a destination where you can all be together. For people living with diabetes, it is essential to plan your trip whether you are traveling by road or air to ensure you have a stress-free holiday. If you are traveling to a foreign country or somewhere remote, where it is not easy to get to a pharmacy, make sure you pack double the supplies in case of an emergency. 


Here are a few helpful tips for traveling this festive season: 

Store your supplies in a temperature-controlled cabinet or case

Keeping your medication at the appropriate temperature is essential when traveling to ensure it does not break down or become ineffective. Make sure you check the packaging of your medication to know the right temperature it should be stored at. Try our new wireless Glucology Smart Sensors. The GlucoMedi Sensor app will show you the current and updated temperature and will send you an alert when the optimal temperature range that you’ve inputted has been exceeded.


Make sure you are stocked up on your medications

See your doctor before going away and ensure you have enough prescriptions to last you the time while you are away. It is always better to pack double the amount that you think you will need and plan for an emergency.


Keep all your supplies with you

If you are flying to your destination make sure you keep all your supplies with you in carry-on luggage. Or if you are driving, keep your medications close so you can access them readily and keep them temperature controlled. 


Pack healthy snacks

Make sure you have healthy snacks with you on a road trip as this will avoid you choosing ‘quick fix’ and unhealthy snacks at petrol stations along the way. If you are traveling by air, bring healthy snacks on the plane as there may not be any diabetes-friendly snacks available.


Check your blood glucose levels often

When traveling and disrupting your normal routine it is important to check your blood sugar levels more regularly, as they may fluctuate more with different schedules. Check with your doctor if you are traveling to a different time zone. 


Remember that the Christmas season is a time to enjoy yourself with your family and friends. It doesn’t have to be stressful if you plan accordingly and organise your medications appropriately. Talk with your doctor or diabetes educator to discuss your plans and if there are any medication adjustments needed. Make sure you overpack, have comfortable clothing and shoes, and carry fast-acting insulin (such as glucose tablets or lollies). Have a safe Christmas!



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Remember to always seek advice from your medical practitioner before changing anything about your diabetes management. The above information is not medical advice.


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