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Diabetes Meet 'N Greet: Dee

by IBD Medical on May 04, 2022

I’m Dee, a secondary school English Literature teacher in London and I’ve been Type 1 for 33 years. I love music, festivals and more recently - thanks to advances in diabetes technology (CGM!) - I’m also really enjoying exercise and working out.

My type 1 story started when I fell into a coma in my auntie’s car in Northern Ireland during the so called ‘troubles’ there. My aunty (with my mum) were in a panic at the border so we had an army escort into the hospital! When the doctors saw the army, they assumed I had been injured somehow because of the conflict in Ireland and my clothes were cut off with scissors but it was type 1 diabetes that put me in the coma, not a gun shot.

A lot has changed since then in terms of both how we look after and how we understand type 1. I guess I’ve also changed too and I’m now kind of proud of being type 1, acknowledging the strength we have to overcome the challenges of every day life. I’m most looking forward to celebrating this outlook as part of Glucology’s Influencer Program. :)




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