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Diabetes Meet 'N Greet: Shannon

by IBD Medical on June 21, 2022

Diabetes Women


Hi! My name is Shannon Dooley and I was diagnosed with T1D in August 2020. I am a new mom to a beautiful baby girl named Poppy, I am a wife, an art teacher, and an artist. On my instagram you’ll find posts of me hyping up my students artwork, sharing about mom life, bringing awareness to T1D life and just sharing life in general.  

diabetes teacher

I love to educate others on what I go through, but also show that it doesn’t stop me from living the life I want. Recently, I was diagnosed with Postpartum depression & anxiety and although it can be taboo to talk about these things, it really shouldn’t be. Mental health is just as important as physical health and taking care of both helps me be the best version of me for my family.


Diabetes Mother


I am excited to be a part of Glucology’s influencer program so I can help share with the T1D community all that I am and that no one is alone in this journey. Communities like these are what keep me going every day and what helped me learn that I was not alone.

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Join our Diabetes Support Port Group and have a space where you can connect with like-minded people all around the world, share your stories and questions comfortably and be a part of the #changingthediabetesnarrative movement!


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