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Glucology Travel Supply Cases with Andi Balog

by IBD Medical on September 21, 2023

⁠Store all your diabetes supplies with our Glucology Diabetes Travel Case. These cases are designed for daily use and for people who are always on the go. With a protective and hard shell, our diabetic organiser case is hand-sewn and will shield all your delicate accessories from impact, fitting easily in a suitcase, rucksack or work bag. Keep all your diabetic supplies close when going to the beach, the woods or the mountains. It boasts a discrete and handy design, to allow you to store all your daily needs in style! Available in a range of colours and limited-edition patterns, as well as two different sizes to organise all your supplies in one space.


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by Alison moody on November 14, 2023

When you write about going away on holidays it seems to be just for a week tops. what about people who say fly to UK for 2 or 3 months. we need to take more than a weeks supply of everything. your containers only seem fit for a few days.
we have travelled to UK many times and i have tried several bags to hold multiple packs if insulin pens none of which were satisfactory. going through security once with blocks supplied with bag i had bought from diabetic supplier almost had the blocks keeping mu insulin cool removed by security. my husband grabbed first letter in my bag telling officer medical. i was allowed to continue but never used that bag again. i eventually bought a childs backpack from Smiggle that i could put freezer packs supplied from my pharmacist in and insulin in other side. for a month i take 2 months supply of insulin with me as well as twice amount of meds.

by Patricia Wohletz on November 14, 2023

Do you have a case for pump supplies for travel?


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