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T2D Meet 'N Greet: Amanda

by IBD Medical on December 13, 2022

Type 2 Diabetes Story

Meet Amanda, a fellow T2D!I

"I was diagnosed in 2018 and my struggles with my diabetes are losing weight, and mental health. I also am planning on my goals such as sticking to a plant based diet and working on my mental health daily by working out. I am excited to partner with you because I am wanting to help spread awareness of type 2 diabetes because it is so stigmatized and I want to help influence others to a healthy lifestyle". 


Our meet n' greets are a quick nice way to get put a friendly face behind the people that make up our diabetes community. Connect with like-minded individuals, and observe the diversity within the community! We want you to know that you're not alone in your journey. For more community support, join our online support port group here - all are welcome :)


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