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#BurnoutTruth: Sophie's Story

by IBD Medical on October 08, 2022



Welcome to Sophie's #BurnoutTruth Story

Sophie's instagram: @sophiesbrokenpancreas


Diabetes is a manageable condition but it can feel like riding a bike but the bike is on fire and whilst you’re riding that bike doing a maths exam . It’s difficult to explain how hard living with diabetes is to someone who doesn’t have it because they don’t see all the extra hidden parts - like 5am hypos or the decision of whether to eat before a walk or not . Diabetes can have a real impact on our mental health and unsurprisingly leads to burnout .


Recently I have experienced burnout. I had a lot of uni work to do including an assignment worth 50% of that modules grade as well as a family bereavement but was also ill and ended up having covid and my time in range decreased a lot .


The night time highs and lows resulted in me getting very little sleep and I was so tired and exhausted it was hard to enjoy the things I wanted to.


I was quite moody and took things out on my flatmates which wasn’t the greatest thing to do.


Being burned out just made me feel awful all the time and my diabetes really was put to the back of my mind. At this point I could tell I was burnout and in some ways isolation enabled me to find the time to put myself first and get back on track and gradually things started to fall back into some sort of rhythm.


I still experience burnout but at least I can now recognize the signs and find ways to resolve it. There’s so many decisions and extra factors diabetics have to make. It's just important if you recognize you are feeling burnout to take a day if possible to reset and do some self care putting yourself first . 🥰



Behind the Burnout Truth Campaign

We believe it's important to continue our commitment with sharing the support as at the end of the day,  we understand and acknowledge that diabetes management is a 24/7 experience.

With that in mind, we've created a #BurnoutTruth initiative to use this chance to shine a public light on an area that's often experienced in the dark by yourself.

Burnout truth is all about showing the realness of having chronic illness burnout and normalising this experience so that others out there know that it is real. By sharing different community stories, we hope that we're able to communicate that the main message is to know that these things happen because you’re a human, whether it’s with diabetes or outside of having diabetes. 😊⁠





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