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Women with diabetes: a perspective on not letting diabetes stop you from being you

by IBD Medical on November 01, 2022


"The small steps also matter. We change the world one day at a time" - Thapi.

Today we have Thapi, a young strong woman who's on a mission to change the current representation when it comes to the voice of diabetes. Glucology asked her 3 questions for International Women's Day to bring to light that women's value and achievements go beyond being labelled 'a person living with diabetes'. Thapi shares all about embracing who she is, whether that's being a woman or being someone who lives with diabetes, and how you can always make the best of any situation. 


1. What does it mean to you to be a woman?

Being a woman means having an identity, accepting yourself all the time and always being able to make the best of any situation. It means being unapologetically you and being proud of you. 


2. What contributions have you made or what roles do you play in your life that is meaningful to you?

Being a great daughter, a great sister, a great cousin and a great mentor to those around me. Thapi always lives by “Changing the world one day at a time and she constantly reminds us that everyday. The small steps also matter.” 


3. What empowered you to stand taller in the face of diabetes?

Misrepresentation . There is a lack of representation when it comes to being the voice of diabetes. There are not so many black voices that are heard when it comes to diabetes and for me it was important that black voices are amplified and also given a platform. 




International Women's Day represents various things for different people. This is an important day to celebrate all women, but it’s also a day to support #BreakingTheBias for all genders (whether you identify as a woman, man, both, neither or somewhere in between).

To celebrate this day, Glucology is collaborating with some women in the diabetes community to spotlight their value and achievements. The message here is that there is a lot of strength behind anyone, regardless of where you come from or who you are. 




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