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How I learnt to accept my diabetes diagnosis

by IBD Medical on July 20, 2023

Taking it one day at a time and being kinder to yourself is always an important first step when it comes to accepting a new change. It can be hard, which is why we’ve asked our community to share some empowering personal experiences that have helped them accept their diagnosis.


How can I learn to accept my diabetes diagnosis?

  • Chip B.: Always remember you have diabetes, it Does Not have you! You control the disease Never allowing it control you!
  • Runar B.: Start with your first dose of insulin. Then welcome to a world of saying no to unhealthy options.
  • Diana S.: I accept my diabetes 100%. What I’m having issues with is how I get adverse reactions to so many of the diabetes medications. It may not seem a big issue to anyone else when the adverse effects happen - but I can’t accept the mental health side of adverse side effects or the increased pain levels. I am slowly coming to terms with the fact that I need to take yet another new step of diet control and cut out all cereal grains - and I have to step up my exercise routine. I’ll also need to learn more about doing regular fasts and detox diets. I don’t mind the changes I’m going to make - I just need to get used to a different way of food preparation. I’ve already started gym twice a week - and I’m planning more regular walks, gardening time, and some trips to the local swimming pool.

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by Greg Argyle on February 13, 2023

I’ve had T1 Diabetes for a whole 60 years. and still don’t like it, actually I find it a prick of a thing to have at any age..
From Glass Test Tubes and Syringes right up to the Dexcom G6 .. I know their is a cure for it but those Pharmaceutical Companies love us to suffer while they live off the monies they make from us suffering.. Well it’s time we did something about it !!!


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