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Type 3: Raising children with Diabetes

by IBD Medical on January 02, 2024

Type 3 diabetes mom appreciation post

We’d like to send a shoutout to d-moms or ‘type 3’ parents this mothers day.


These are parents raising children who have been diagnosed with diabetes. It is sometimes difficult to find information as a mother who has a child with diabetes. We have compiled a few ideas to help parents manage the stresses that come with looking after a child who has diabetes. From carrying juice-boxes everywhere you go, to counting carbs and always being on call in case something happens, being a D-Mom is hard.

This can sometimes feel like an isolating condition as a parent who is not suffering from the disease themselves it is difficult to find others going through the same things as you. Check out our Glucology Support Port on Facebook to find others who are in a similar situation to you. It is also a platform to share your experiences and give any advice to help others.

Glucology Support Port Facebook Group for people with diabetes

A few easy tips for first time D-moms:


  1. Find snack foods that have additional information about brands and carb counts. It is always good to mix up the snacks you are giving your kid and to make their lunchbox more interesting
  2. Look at the National diabetes dining out resource to find nutritional information for various restaurants to look at ahead of time. This will help you choose the healthier options and places to eat.
  3. When cooking at home, use recipes that have the nutritional values and information to help when counting calories. Some recipes include their carb counts, helpful tips as well as substitutes for certain ingredients. We send out free healthy recipes biweekly to help you organise your meals. Sign up to our mailing list to get your free recipes or check out our recipes on our website!

These are a few tips to help make raising a child with diabetes seem less challenging. Look at online resources with links to find organisations and networks to support you as well as talking to other parents who are also going through a similar situation.

Comment below if you have any helpful tips or experiences to share, we’d love to hear from you!


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