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Diabetes Fundraiser: raising awareness with EverydayT1D

by IBD Medical on August 25, 2022

Helping to raise awareness around diabetes education and access to support/resources is always an important initiative for Glucology to get behind. We're super happy to share that we are honoured to get to contribute to EverydayT1D's annual fundraiser and to help provide some value to the wider diabetes community. This year, EverydayT1D is holding their fundraiser in the month of August and had a few words to share in regard to a brief story behind how their organisation started and their aim with bringing brands such as Glucology to join in on their diabetes fundraiser!

Diabetes Fundraisers



My name is Christine Maltese.  I have partnered with Harlee Beam and created EVERYDAY. Our organization is to help parents who have recently had their child diagnosed with Diabetes.

Harlee was diagnosed at 8 years old and her sweet daughter, Breckyn was diagnosed in 2019 at 4 years old with Type 1 Diabetes. In February of 2020 my 4 year old son, Sammy was diagnosed with T1D.

As a new mom in the T1D world, my head was spinning. I leaned on Harlee during our transition into our “new normal”. Breckyn and Sammy were at different hospitals, but both left there with a suit case full of stickers, coloring books, stuffed animals, toys galore…and for the parents a 5 inch thick binder of how to take care of our kids. But nothing in there told me what was really needed for him (food scale, Insulin case, travel bag, how to do his lunch for school so the nurse would know how many units to give him).  We want nothing more than to give new diagnosed kids and parents all the things they need to make leaving the hospital a little less overwhelming.

Our goal is to help raise money for the new families just finding out what lemonade and bacon can do for their son or daughter. We will be making starter kits and donating them to hospitals for kids recently diagnosed with T1. With T1D there are no days off and there is no cure.  But there is hope!
Collaborating with brands such as Glucology therefore is an important part to bringing this vision to life and extending access to the diabetes resources and support that are out there.


Learn more about EverydayT1D


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