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Pharmacy needs? Don't wait for delivery - buy local!

by IBD Medical on March 15, 2018

For most Australians, online shopping has become a regular part of everyday life, and the preferred option for many of us. This has been supported and accelerated by improved online retail experiences, availability and speed offered by businesses across the board.

From purchase to your door, in recent years we have seen leaps and bounds in the number of options, and wait-time, that shoppers can expect to receive their online purchases. Months turned to weeks, and weeks to days for delivery. 

Whether by land, air or sea, there has been a veritable explosion in delivery technology which has affected all categories and industries, including pharmacy services. However, there are still challenges for both consumers and businesses as we acclimatise to the age of online shopping.

For example, many shoppers have stories of extended wait times, lost parcels, difficulty with collection or pick-up of their order at home or through the post office, incorrect tracking information, and vanishing orders, to identify just a few. 

Not only this, but many shops and brands are facing challenging times as increasing numbers of shoppers choose to augment their usual shopping methods with online purchasing. This issue affects businesses of all sizes, from your local store to global retailers.

So what can we do it get what we want faster, and support the businesses that we trust and love? Well, you might try a pick-up alternative to normal shipping. An option like Pharmacy Click and Collect.

Pharmacy Click and Collect is an alternative to a standard delivery service, where online shoppers can elect to pick up their orders directly from a nearby pharmacy in as little as 2-hours from ordering. 

So how does it work?

Simply go to one of your favourite online outlets (like IBD Medical) who will give you the option to go directly to the Pharmacy Click and Collect. (Otherwise, you can go to Pharmacy Click and Collect directly by clicking here).

Once at the Pharmacy Click and Collect page, simply enter your postcode, select a pharmacy near you and add items to your cart. Once you have everything you need you can check out. Once you check out and pay online, one of the members of the Pharmacy Click and Collect team will contact you and let you know when your order will be ready to be picked up from the pharmacy you selected. Your order will often be ready for collection in as little as 2-hours.

Both your order and payment are handled by Pharmacy Click and Collect. They will first arrange your order with the chosen pharmacy and once you have collected your order, Pharmacy Click and Collect will pass on your payments to the pharmacy. 

IBD Medical is excited to partner with Pharmacy Click and Collect and artogether we are offering tubes of the Aussie made and owned DIA-BALM via Pharmacy Click and Collect. To find out more about DIA-BALM: the Specialist Diabetic Foot Care Cream, just click here.

“We are incredibly excited to be partnering with Pharmacy Click and Collect and want to do everything we can to support small pharmacies and this great Aussie product.”        
- Elad Guberman MD of IBD Medical


DIA-BALM is designed to be not only a treatment for dry, cracked feet but also to prevent skin becoming dry and cracked. That means that once you've treated the problem, you can keep it from coming back.
For both treatment and prevention, DIA-BALM is THE clinically proven diabetic foot-care cream.

Currently, DIA-BALM is the only product being offered by IBD medical through the Pharmacy Click and Collect platform. However, following the successful launch of DIA- BALM with Pharmacy Click and Collect, IBD Medical is excited to expand the range of products offered in the coming months. 

Click here to read the Pharmacy Click and Collect FAQ, or contact IBD Medical to get more information here on this great service. Ph. (02) 8398 7520 E.

xxxxClick here for order DIA-BALM through Pharmacy Click and Collect

So what are you getting when you use Pharmacy Click and Collect? You will get your items faster, save on the cost of delivery, and support local businesses. It's that simple.

We would be happy to answer any questions you may have about Pharmacy Click and Click or any other product or service enquiries.
Don't hesitate to send us an email or call us on:
P. +61 2 8398 7520
F. +61 2 8089 0775

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