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New Product: Grey Classic Socks

by IBD Medical on July 24, 2020
Our favourite Glucology® Diabetes Copper-Based Classic Socks are now available in grey as well as black and white.
Diabetes grey socks copper based non binding comfortable hypoallergenic


Glucology® socks are anti-microbial and actually improve skin appearance. That's because they are interwoven with Cupron®; an Aussie patented copper yarn.  Glucology® Diabetic Copper Socks are non-binding and comfortable. The tops are loose-fitting to ensure they WON'T cut into your skin. There are NO prominent seams to prevent rubbing even after a long day on your feet. The hypo-allergenic blend of fabrics draws sweat and moisture away from the skin helping to keep your feet feeling dry and comfortable, reducing friction that can cause blisters and minor abrasions.  Glucology® Diabetic Copper Socks are extra padded in the toes and heels and the carefully contoured material maintains shoe size, which means they won't take up too much space- simply order according to your shoe size. 

A wealth of scientific data has gone into the creation of Glucology® Diabetic Copper Based Socks making Glucology Socks one of the leading products on the Australian market in innovation and effectiveness.

Even better, Glucology® Diabetic Copper Socks are easy to take care of! They are machine washable and tumble dryer friendly. Just don't bleach them or use cleaning products containing silicone. Made of56% polyester, 17% Cupron® yarn, 14% cotton, 12% nylon, 1% lycra. 



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