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New Product: Nutrition Scales

by IBD Medical on August 19, 2021
We are excited to announce our release of the Glucology Smart Kitchen Scale! 

Our scales will provide you with quick and accessible nutritional food information through the app from the USDA database. Connect your smartphone via Bluetooth to the scales to see the weight and nutritional values including calories, protein, fat, carbohydrates, and sugar as well as vitamin and mineral information. The tare function will reset the scales to zero and automatically subtracts the weight of the bowl or container from measurement so you can view the exact weight of your portion.

Keeping track of your nutrient intake can be difficult, therefore the memory feature supported by the app will save your meals and portions for daily or weekly analysis. You can also view portion information ahead of time via the memory function giving you the flexibility of planning your future meals. The USDA food database has over 7000 foods, however, if you cannot find what you are looking for there is also a custom entry function.

The app’s ‘Me’ feature means you can personalise your desired ‘target intake’ and nutrition goals for the best individual experience and stay on track with your health goals. Based on individual preferences, key nutritional information may vary. Therefore our app lets you customise your dashboard so the information important to you can be seen first.

Check out our Product Description for more information or download the User Manual HERE.


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