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The past, present and future of diabetes blood glucose monitoring

by IBD Medical on February 06, 2019
The lives of people with diabetes has significantly changed from how it was 50 years ago. We now have innovative tools and techniques to help us deal with diabetes. Additionally, we are more aware of the complications involved and how to better manage diabetes.
If we went back to 1921, the life expectancy of a child diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes was around one year or if they were lucky, four years. Additionally, in many parts of Europe, it was believed that enforced starvation was the ideal treatment for diabetes. To make matters worse, the method for diagnosis was a bigger nightmare: a patient was to drop a reagent tablet into a small test tube containing a few drops of urine, and the resulting colour change indicated whether the patient was diabetic or not. It was at this time that Frederick Banting, a scientist at the University of Toronto discovered how to isolate and extract insulin, a small event, that has completely revolutionised medical science, and prolonged a diabetic patient’s life expectancy.

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We are now able to live happy lives as everyone else with little trouble. Technology has been a blessing in so many ways, even in the lives of diabetics. We are able to check our blood glucose in less than a few minutes, without any hassle. Automatically recording our diabetic history, sharing information with caregivers, and having accurate real-time results and putting them in context with our daily activities could not be easier and more convenient. We now have mobile apps that deliver real-time measures with actual insights on how we can improve ourselves in the coming week, or whether we can treat ourselves to that extra sugar we earned. Our Dario Smart Blood Monitoring system is perfect for those living with diabetes wanting an all-in-one smart phone connected blood glucose monitoring device.  This discreet device is the most efficient way to turn a smartphone into a personal glucometer and keep monitoring and records in one place. Check out our Dario range of products that make monitoring our blood glucose levels much better!

Business Insider predicts that by the year 2030, there will be 552 million people affected by diabetes, but technology will evolve at the same pace. The Australian Artificial Pancreas Program or AAPP is currently working on a software that calculates a patient’s insulin requirements in real time and initiates the next appropriate plan of action. This system is almost like a diabetic having a healthy set of pancreas that will automatically regulate and monitor the blood glucose level in a patient, and also deliver the appropriate amount of insulin as required by the patient. It would effectively mean no more pricking, and being able to give in to some sugar cravings! What a time to be alive!

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