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Learning how to effectively make T1D management easier

by IBD Medical on August 17, 2021

Effective T1D management

Written by Andi Balog

Some say ‘t1d doesn’t get easier, you just find better ways to cope with it’... But I believe it’s a bit of both. 

After 18 years of living with this disease and almost 10 years in the health and fitness industry, I truly believe that t1d CAN get easier with time if you learn from your experiences. 

And by ‘learn’ I mean REALLY take a deep dive into how T1D affects you and your body personally in as many different situations and scenarios as possible. 

It’s all about trial and error! The first year or so after the diagnosis is often daunting and learning to accept the diagnosis. This time can be particularly difficult, and you just have to take each day as it comes.

The next few years are prime time to pay VERY CLOSE ATTENTION to eeeeeveerything that goes on in your day and how it affects your t1d management.

This is what I recommend based on my experience: 


  • buy a journal .. a big one
  • try everything!
  • take notes (very detailed)
  • make changes
  • watch for patterns
  • always expect the unexpected
  • and always put yourself and your health first.. that means saying no a lot more than you say yes & sleeping more than others your age

Do the hard work upfront for an easier T1D ride later. That’s what I did - and 10/10 would (and do) recommend this method to all those with t1. 

I dare you to challenge your beliefs about t1d... It can get easier with time.


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Remember to always seek advice from your medical practitioner before changing anything about your diabetes management. The above information is not medical advice.

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by Kim WESTWOOD on September 15, 2021

I have had Type 1 for 40+ years way before it was classed as Type 1. I was 20 & a newly wed my 21st birthday was just around the corner no party for me, no cake nothing zilch. I am afraid back in those days there wasn’t a lot of choice when it came to sugar free foods. Now, heavens so much to choose from. Portions were the go then & I still do portions. More choices tend to make things a trifle confusing at times. Yes I have learnt a lot but I still think too much knowledge can also be confusing.
I like the fact we use disposable pens definately a life changer. But I am not interested in the pump, do not like the idea of being connected to a needle 24/7. I am quite happy to continue using my glucose metre with finger pricking, even though my finger tips might resent me, with all the finger pricking I do need to do. I dont like little surprises springing up on me. After all these years a low can suddenly prop up. The amount of stuff I need to put in my bag for a day out is incredible. At the present time I am glad I am staying put at home. The border delays are monstrous certainly glad I am not in a line for hours at a time.
I still have my ups & downs & get fed up with myself. Especially unexplained hypos they really piss me off. I get really fed up with having to eat on time all the time. Not really good when you want to loose a couple of kilos. Plenty of walks with my dog helps a lot & we have 2 acres to wander amongst the gum trees & look for wildlife.
I visit my podiatrist every 4 weeks, they know me very well. My husband is really good at checking my feet regularly too. I have another auto immune disease to cope with too.
Its been a tough road & still learning along the way. But I am glad I am not in the city we moved 25 years ago (to get away from the rat race)
I wouldn’t say it gets easier you just learn to put up with it & get on with things. The problem is you don’t get a break from it. It’s 24/7 everything revolves around it. So much to think about all the time. If I do this then I will have to do that. Everything is worked out around mealtimes. If an appointment might run late, which is usual, it doesn’t matter how prepared you may be it still might go wrong. Despite every you have prepared for. Things can always be out of your control no matter what.
Getting upset doesn’t help as that will cause other problems.
Sorry I have just gone on a bit. But sometimes you just gotta vent. All is not OK all of the time.


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