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Injecting in Public: Live Experience by Layla

by IBD Medical on November 23, 2023

‘My Diabetes Diary ’is a welcoming and judgement-free zone for everyday people to come on and share their narrative of a diagnosis that’s often misunderstood and misrepresented.

Injecting in public is something that Layla's Mummy (Keeley) is really trying to teach her to not be ashamed of. Something that keeps Layla alive is in Keeley's opinion something to not hide away.

"Layla injects in public and if others don't like it we take the opportunity to educate. I hope as Layla grows she keeps this confidence and is proud of who she is xxx".


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by Joseph Pignone on February 20, 2023

Layla and many like here who are insulin dependant are very brave indeed. I for one and would hope that no one in this world would see that Layla injecting herself is a shameful thing, as Layla’s mum rightfully points out it is a life saving process.

However, taking it to restaurants, food courts or any other public place is not I feel appropriate to simply inject in full view of all including those who are sensitive to the very thought of an injection and children, this is not the way to show people that one should not be embarrassed because they have diabetes. There is absolutely nothing to be ashamed of, but rather embrace that we have technology and medical advancements that enable someone with type 1 diabetes to be able to control it by themselves. Maybe the way to educate people on understanding that diabetes is not a contagious thing and that those with it like Layla need this injection to survive, Governments should do more in this space if this is how our people with diabetes feel.

Besides all that, don’t become concerned with ignorant people who form their own opinion, wrongfully more often than that, Layla, you are the bigger person, you don’t need to do this in public to not feel embarrassed.

I hope you are doing well Layla.

I personally have type 2 diabetes and require to take up to four other tablets a day to keep some other health issues in check, I am disappointed that I require to live on this medication, but certainly not embarrassed in taking them or what people think about me taking a hand full of tablets, they do there job and thankfully I am able to live a normal life as possible.

by Yvette Saint on May 02, 2022

Well done Layla.
I am 54 yes old. I got type 1 diabetes when l was 7.
Boiling up stainless steel syringes and inserting syringe into a bottle of insulin.
Then disposable syringes were introduced.
One of my friends mother when l was around 12, would not let me stay at there house because she said l was a junky.
I was sitting in the car flicking out the bubbles in my syringe when a couple walked past and spoke to each other, commenting, oh my look at that junky..
I felt horrible.
People were uneducated back then, and quick to judge.
These days l still get looked at when having my needle, but l don’t care what people think.
Good on you Layla, people still need educating, and like you l have educated lots in understanding my diabetes.


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