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International Women's Day: Fifi Hazzouri

by IBD Medical on March 06, 2020

International Women's Day, diabetes, Diabetes Alive

International Women’s Day is celebrated annually on March 8 and has been celebrated for well over a century. This day celebrates the achievements of women around the world and calls for gender parity. The day of global celebration for women focuses on both their achievements and equality.

This year for International Women’s Day we will be highlighting the amazing achievements of one particular female, Fifi Hazzouri. Fifi is the Founder of Diabetes Alive, a non-profit organisation, that seeks to support underprivileged children living with Type 1 Diabetes by providing insulin pumps, education and resources to people who live with Diabetes. Fifi established Diabetes Alive after being diagnosed with Diabetes and struggling to find support groups, so she decided to start her own.

Diabetes Alive helps to raise awareness surrounding Diabetes and highlights the importance of a need for an insulin pump to allowing children living with Diabetes to lead a ‘normal’ life without complications. This incredible organisation successfully fundraised $105,000 last year to purchase insulin pumps for 11 children. We were fortunate enough to be able to support Fifi’s fundraising efforts last year as a sponsor for last year’s Diabetes Alive Fundraiser. The year prior, Diabetes Alive raised $140,000 and was able to purchase insulin pumps for 14 children. Additionally, Diabetes Alive offers support and assistance for people living with Diabetes by raising money for research providing information, mental health counselling, specialised products and nutritional support.

Living with Diabetes for over 30 years has provided her with insights about the good, the bad and the ugly things about Diabetes.  Fifi has suffered five heart attacks, kidney failure, double organ transplant and a range of other complications from her diabetes. Despite diabetes challenging her daily, she still finds the time to support others through Diabetes Alive. Fifi is excited about what the future holds for Diabetes Alive and hopes to provide support to other diabetes and raise enough funds to find a cure.

This unbelievable woman embodies the values of International Women’s Day as she tenaciously drives action for people living with Diabetes and provides endless support and hope.

Diabetes Alive, International Women's Day, Diabetes, Fifi Hazzouri 

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