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Taken too much insulin?

by IBD Medical on April 01, 2022

Diabetic Danica tells us about her experience with bolusing for 111g of carbs instead of 11g of carbs. She shows what to do when this happens. Has this ever happened to you?




Remember to always seek advice from your medical practitioner before changing anything about your diabetes management. The above information is not medical advice

by Terri Caldwell on April 13, 2022

I have overpowers about 2 1/2 years ago I am meant to Bowers 15 carbs but I did the same thing…I Bolused 115. I wasn’t half asleep I was just careless. I have several palsy on the right side so I do everything with my left hand. I caught it but it was too late. Although I had quit eating sugar and was using Stevia, for some odd reason (my husband uses of sugar) I had ihop sugar packets in my purse and I just started eating pure sugar I probably ate 10 packets. I never did have a low but when I checked my blood sugar A couple of hours later, it was around 80 It is so interesting how Holy Spirit looks after us.

by Danielle Wilson on February 04, 2021

My little girl dialled up 30 units instead of 3 units.

I didn’t know this.

I woke up to hearing BLOOD CURDLING TERROR SCREAMS NON STOP for 2 minutes.

I immediately called to her: baby baby it’s ok it’s just a dream sweetness, I jumped to turn the light on and ran to her…

She was having a seizure. Convulsing. Shaking her entire body smashing into the wall and bed. Her eyes were fixed, PUPILS COMPLETELY BLACK rolled upwards into her head. Jaw fixed, teeth breaking.


My brain could not conceive the number for emergency. I was shaking so hard I threw my phone across the room, it just fell out of my hands.

My 14 year old autistic son ran into the room also screaming her name he was holding her legs and began smacking her chest hard screaming WAKE UP WAKE UP WAKE UP NO NO NO NO NO STOP IT!!!!!!!!! He then started smashing his head against the wall wailing.

I eventually had semi control of my hands and I dialled over 10 times mistyping the digits, pressing hang up instead of call, dialling 911 instead of 000 (the Australian emergency number).

I began CPR blowing into her limp lifeless freezing blue lips, there was no seal, not like our normal kisses. It was not her. I blew and blew and watched her best rise and fall with no change in her.

My mind was repeating over and over and over ‘this CAN’T BE IT!!!! THIS CAN’T BE IT!!!! THIS CAN’T BE IT!!!!

I began becoming obsessed with the fact I couldn’t open her jaw. I just wanted her to be able to open her mouth. I tried forcing my fingers between her upper and lower teeth. She had the Jaw Clench strength of 1000 hydraulic presses. I tried shoving the bottom leg seam of my jeans that were strewn on my floor in her mouth. Nothing!!! I persisted and persisted. And then something happened…

Her arm raised up and attempted to push me away.


I abandoned the jeans and went back to my fingers. I miraculously managed to get my left thumb between her teeth in a moment of weakness between clenching. And then she bit down. She bit down as hard as any human could possibly bite down.

(I remember breastfeeding when her first razor sharp bottom tooth broke through and I thought that was pain…. Nada!)

My thumbnail blackened and died.

With the Ambulance on the phone not offering any assistant more than what I had already done (recovery position and wait) I continued screaming and praying simultaneously.

I sent my son outside to wait for them and said to him, make a path so they can get through… (The house was absolutely FERAL at the time. Shit EVERYWHERE!!! Washing all over the floor waiting to be folded which had been walked over and needed rewashing, loungeroom picnic remnants aka food dishes all over the floor, literally just crap everywhere. I didn’t give it more than a milliseconda thought though. Nothing more than “make a path”.

The 4 officers entered my bedroom.
I was completely naked, given that it was 1:30am and that is how I sleep. It never occurred to me that I was naked or to put clothes on.
They entered and clearly were taken aback by the way they wouldn’t make eye contact with me.

At this point Dahlia stopped seizing and started making conscious movements and mumbling words.

Her eyes met mine.


She was taken to hospital and monitored for 6 hours and returned home.

I was told by the ED doctors this was NOT Diabetes related but that Dahlia now was an epileptic.

Not 2 days later but the exact same thing happened again. This time I insisted the ambulance brake us to the main city hospital (the hospital where she was diagnosed and had a team of Endocrinologists and DE’s). She stayed 2 weeks. A lot of psychological support along with logistical support to prevent this from happening again. Of course their main concern and thoughts were that this was done on purpose and a suicide attempt. Definitely not so.

Neither the emergency services who were on the phone with me, nor the local hospital ever said q single word about GLUCAGON. I wasn’t thinking straight. In fact until I was on the phone with them I had no idea, ai said to them ‘just wait let me check her BGL’. She was 4.2 (13 minutes into her seizure) and I checked the last dose and discovered she had given herself 30 units. Not even then did they suggested an immediate glucagon injection. Nor did the hospital mention it. Like I said, they didn’t even see Diabetes as the cause.

My precious darling angel Dahlia is well and happy and perfect today. (As perfect as a T1D Child can be) and I thank GOD for being there and pulling her through without medication. I have no idea how that works, and why her BGL was 4…. But I’m only guessing it was below 1 close to zero and perhaps her backup insulin stores kicked in. Or perhaps it was a true miracle.

At least 5 times a day I find myself in a daze with my eyes closed right back there looking into the empty lifeless gaze of my baby, I snap out of it as soon as I realise where I am because it is the sickest most revolting feeling in the world.

I pray not a single one of any of you ever ever ever have to go through this.

Check, check, check and check again!

Danielle xx

by Dianne Hall on January 29, 2021

Hi Danica Just saw your post for first time. Yes God was certainly looking after you. I have had type 1 diabetes for 51 years. It is amazing the things my husband and I have been able to do. Live in China for 4 years with a mission called ICC working with abandoned children most with disabilities. Been on a mission trip to India. Went on the Camino walk in Spain walking 130 klms in a week..most days around 20 klms and lots more exciting things. Your posts are good. Thanks


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