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4 pack diabalm cream
Diabalm hydrating footcare cream
Hydrating footcare cream for diabetics
Concentrated Urea Footcare Cream for Diabetes
Dermal Therapy Specialised Footcare Cream

    Dia Balm Foot Care Cream Pack | 4 Pack

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      Diabalm is the specialised cream for dry and cracked feet that contains naturally occurring urea in a highly concentrated and thick emollient to protect your feet. Diabalm is neither greasy nor oily and absorbs quickly so it won't slow you down! Diabalm is not just a treatment, but it also prevents skin from becoming dry and cracked, therefore we recommend continuously using it after you’ve treated the problem to prevent it from coming back!

      Perfect for treating dry skin, maintaining healthy skin, and preventing skin cracking with triple action:


      1. TREATMENT: First, Diabalm removes dry dead skin that may have built up on the feet. This build-up can lead to discomfort and cracking;
      2. MAINTENANCE: Second, Diabalm hydrates healthy living skin, keeping it flexible and strong;
      3. PREVENTION: Third, Diabalm supports skin integrity and moisture retention. This helps prevent dead dry skin from coming back!




      • Fast-acting with results being seen in as little as 1 day!
      • Triple hydrating action promoting re-uptake of water through the skin
      • Extra concentrated with 25% Urea creating a thick formula without being greasy or watery
      • Using science and nature to be a complex blend of moisturisers and exfoliants.




      25% Urea, Aloe, Vitamin E, Shea Butter, Lanolin, Glycolic Acid, Tea Tree Oil, Pro-Vitamin B5, Vitamin E, and L-Arginine.



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