Proper monitoring and condition management for diabetes is a practice of mindfulness, preparedness, and vigilance that leaves many people feeling restricted and exhausted. However, with the proper equipment, safeguards, and habits this burden can be lightened.
The Glucology line of products by IBD Medical aims to provide diabetics with the tools to live their best lives by making it as easy as possible to monitor and manage their condition. Through streamlined condition management, we want to improve the life of diabetic Australians.
Launched in late 2017, Glucology Diabetic Copper-Based Socks was the first item released by Glucology. Available in White and Black, the Glucology Diabetic Copper-Based Socks utilise revolutionary copper-based antimicrobial technology.
Most recently launched is the Glucology Diabetic Travel Case. Available in 5 great colours, the Glucology Diabetic Travel Case is the answer to the inconvenience of loose and lost diabetic accessories that can be so annoying and  difficult.
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