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    Pen Needle Pocket Container | 3 Pack

    $11.00 $12.00

      If you don’t like the look of the normal bulky bright yellow sharps bin, here is the product for you! The Glucology Pen Needle Pocket Container is one of the smallest in the range. The compact stylish design means it can fit into a pocket or handbag. It is tiny enough to take out during your day-to-day life without weighing you down and on short trips and holidays. A unique discrete design, you wouldn’t know it was a sharps bin.

      • Disposal on the go these sharps containers can be carried with you wherever you go
      • Secure, clean and safe solution for disposing of up to 25 needle tips, plus used lancets and test strips quickly
      • Simply ‘lock’ the container once it is full for secure permanent disposal
      • Perfect for pens the Glucology Pen Needle Container is designed to fit a wide range of pen needle tips 
      • 3 in 1: each pack comes with 3x Needle Pocket Containers
      1. Slide to open the container
      2. Dispose of the pen needle and strips by inserting the pen tip in and twist to release the needle into the bin
      3. Remember to dispose of used needles WITHOUT plastic cap
      4. Once the container is full, slide to lock permanently before disposal

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 41 reviews

      It’s the first time using this and I think it’s a great thing to have. I just put it in my bag and I’m set to go anywhere knowing I can dispose of all my sharps.


      Great for traveling

      Ray Hawkins (Sydney, AU)

      No comment

      Patricia Michell (Stanwell Park, AU)
      Safety and convenient

      Find you need to replace needle when out and about & worried about disposal of the used needle? No problem with disposal when you have a Pen Needle Pocket Container.

      Thanks for taking the time to share your feedback with us Particia. It means so much when our customers share their experiences.

      I’m glad we were able to meet your expectations!


      Dudley Jennings (Sydney, AU)
      Pocket Container

      Great compact container which is easy to stow in carry-on luggage. I like that I can carry most of my diabetes requirements and all within easy reach.

      We're really grateful and appreciate you taking the time to share your feedback with us

      John (Sydney, AU)
      Love the product and the service

      Good job to Andy and the team, the products are great and the service is world class! :-)

      We are so grateful for your kind words. Thanks for sharing your review with us and the community.


      Didn’t fit the needles I use

      Great for portability

      These are great for portability

      Handy, nice to have on the go

      I like having something to put in the diabetes bag when we are out and about to dispose of needles. I was disappointed the mouth to dispose the needle into was just a little smaller than my cap, but I just put the pen needle in it without the protective cap and it fit fine. I use 4mm pen needles for reference. It fits easily in the bag and has a good close/lock position so I don’t foresee it opening and spilling needles out either. Would buy again when I am done with this one!

      Excellent for Travelling

      I travel a lot and was looking for something more compact than my large sharps container. These containers are a perfect size for travelling and easy to use even with my needles from my insulin pens. I highly recommend these containers to anyone who does a lot of travelling.