Stay active this Summer and stop worrying about keeping your insulin cold! GlucologyTM Cooler Bags take the hassle out of controlling the temperature of your active insulin.

GlucologyTM Cooler Bags are evaporative cooling units designed to keep in-use insulin cool within safe temperatures of 18-28°C (64.4-78.8°F) for up to 40 hours. They work in hot Aussie summer even in a constant temperature of 37.8°C (100°F).  To activate your Cooler Bag simply soak the inner pouch for 5-10 minutes (depending on which size of GlucologyTM Cooler Bags product you own). The crystals in the inner pouch will become a gel. The water held by the gel will slowly evaporate over 40 hours, cooling the contents of the pouch. The pouch can be 're-activated' or 'topped-up' to provide continuous safe storage conditions for subsequent periods of 40 hours minimum. Note: insulin must be at the manufacturer's recommended temperature before being placed in the GlucologyTM Cooler Bag. Please check the manufacturer's information leaflet for your specific medication.

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