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Business Collaborations

Based in Sydney, Australia Glucology by IBD Medical was established in 2016 with the vision of improving the lives of people living with diabetes by making diabetes management easier, faster, and less disruptive.

At IBD Medical we create and design stylish, discrete and innovative medical solutions that will fulfill our mission.

Our Diabetes focused brand Glucology® has 11 different lines of products with over 90 products available to market such as our smart cooling solutions of insulin, accessories for Insulin pumps and CGM’s, a specialised and patented Diabetic foot care solution and much more.

In order to make our products more accessible, we have expanded into a multi-national organisation with our products available in more than 21 countries including the US, UK, Canada, Germany, France, Italy Australia and New Zealand.

Today, IBD Medical and Glucology supports over 150,000 people living with diabetes globally.

At IBD Medical we are continuing to delve deeper into the medical sphere with the aim of providing more technologies and new medical devices to help support people living with diabetes. We are collaborating with leading universities and medical institutions to further develop our in-house research and design capabilities. We are passionate about providing better support solutions to help alleviate the stress of managing diabetes. As our company continues to grow, one thing stays the same: our mission is to provide high-quality and affordable products to empower people living with diabetes.

We are excited to collaborate with manufacturers, wholesalers, online and physical retailers, pharmacies, diabetes educators and more. If you're looking to find out more about working with us, reach out to the team today.