Curpon, the proprietary technology that powers Glucology Diabetes Copper Socks, has credible medical and scientific research supporting it. Moreover, this research suggests that the use of socks containing copper based yarn is truly like no other product, making Glucology Socks one of the leading products on the Australian market in innovation and effectiveness. 

Click the links below to read some of the clinical trials that have garnered Curpron copper thread some creditability through extensive scientific research and clinical trials:

1. Reducing the Risk of Skin Pathologies in Diabetics by Using Copper Impregnated Socks

2. Using Copper to Improve the Wellbeing of the Skin 

3. Treatment of Tinea Pedis with Socks Containing Copper-Oxide Impregnated Fibers

4. Safety of Using Copper Oxide in Medical Devices and Consumer Products


Glucology™ by IBD Medical:  
IBD Medical is proud to introduce the line of Glucology™ products into the Australian market. Founded on Australian soil, Glucology™ aims to provide innovative solutions to the various needs of people with diabetes through scientific support and innovative patented products.