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DIA-BALM - Foot Care Cream

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Dermal Therapy Dia-balm has been specifically formulated to create a protective barrier on dry and cracked feet. It contains 25% urea in a highly concentrated moisturising and emollient base.
DIA-BALM uses the naturally occurring urea so that users are not putting something artificial on their skin. DIA-BALM removes dry and dead skin to prevent build-up while also promoting skin hydration, hydration retention, and flexibility.
And most importantly, DIA-BALM is designed to be not only a treatment for dry, cracked feet but also to prevent skin becoming dry and cracked. That means that once you've treated the problem, you can keep it from coming back.

Unique benefits of DIA-BALM:

  • Treats AND prevents dry-skin, cracking and fissures in feet which can lead to foot ulcers and amputations.
  • Fast acting: See results in as little as 1-day!
  • Promotes triple-active skin hydration:
    1. Promotes re-uptake of water through the skin;
    2. Creates a barrier against further moisture loss;
    3. Assists in moisture retention
  • A non-greasy concentrated formula containing:
    1. 25% urea (active ingredient);
    2. 11 moisturising agents; and
    3. An exfoliant.
  • TGA approved class 1 medical device

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Dermal Therapy and IBD Medical

The Dermal Therapy brand is the result of in-depth product development. Each product that carries the Dermal Therapy name has been specifically developed to deliver utmost efficacy through an innovative and exhaustive research process. Lacorium Health, the owners of the Dermal Therapy brand, are renowned for their innovative approach and global knowledge with over 20 years of experience. Manufacturing of Dermal Therapy products takes place in state of the art facilities with particular emphasis on extremely high levels of quality. All ingredients used are of pharmaceutical grade quality wherever possible and rigorous testing of raw materials and finished products are ongoing. We at IBD Medical are the proud sole distributor of the Dia-Balm brand in Australia.

Remember to always seek advice from your medical practitioner before changing anything about your diabetes management. The above information is NOT medical advice.

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