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Glucology™ Cooler bags: Pen Pouch

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Your reusable solution for keeping insulin pens cool on the move!

  • Keep insulin cool for up to 40-hours per activation 
  • Activate simply by immersing in cold water 
  • Light and compact, perfect for travel 
  • Reusable- activate again and again
  • 12-month warranty from purchase 

The Glucology™ Cooler Bag: Pen Pouch is an advanced cooling pouch designed to keep insulin cool and safe from high temperatures. Once activated with cool water, Glucology™ Cooler Bags will keep insulin below the safe temperature range of 28˚C for up to 40 hours. The pouch can be 'reactivated' to provide continuous safe storage conditions for subsequent periods of 40 hours for up to 28 days, which is usually the life of in-use insulin.
Your Glucology™ Pen Pouch Holds:

• 2x standard sized injection pens either pre-filled disposable or refillable; or
• 1x standard sized injection pen plus 2 x 3 ml cartridges

Dimensions of inner cooling pouch:

• 193mm (Long) x 84mm (Wide)  -

• Outer cover; and
• Inner pouch made up of polycotton with panels containing crystals (non-toxic and non-flammable). 

How to use your Glucology™ Cooler bags: Pen Pouch:

  1. Immerse the inner pouch containing the crystals in cold water to soak the Glucology™ Pen Pouch for 8-10 minutes.
  2. While soaking, make sure the crystals are spread evenly inside the pouch. 
  3. Remove pouch from soaking water. Place on a flat surface and allow to drain for 5 minutes.
  4. Gently dry the cooler bag using tissues or a towel.
  5. When mostly dry, place the medication in the cooler bag and the activated pouch in the outer cover of the cooler bag. For continuous safe storage, the pouch should be re-immersed in water every 40 hours or sooner if the quantity of gel reduces and it starts returning to its crystal form.
  6. When in continuous use, 2-3 minutes of immersion in water will be sufficient, depending on the size of the pouch. If not used continuously,  store Glucology™ Pen Pouch in cool dry place until next use.
Cleaning and Storage:
When not in use, remove the inner pouch from the outer cover and allow to dry out naturally until the gel returns to its crystal form. To keep the crystals separate, gently shake the pouch when drying. The drying period can take 2-4 weeks depending on the size of the bag and the climate.   Click here to visit our Frequently Asked Question page   

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Please Note: 
Insulin must be at the manufacturer's recommended temperature before being placed in the Glucology™ Cooler Bags. Please check the manufacturer's information inserts for your specific medication.

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