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Glucology Lancing Starter Kit | Lancing Device and 100 Pack Lancets
Blood Glucose Monitoring Lancets 30 guage Blue and Green
Blue and Green Multi-coloured Sterile 30 guage Glucology lancets
Glucology 100 Pack Sterile Lancets Packaging
Glucology 100 Pack Sterial Lancets Universal Finger Pricking
Glucology® Lancing Starter Kit
Glucology® Lancing Starter Kit
Glucology® Lancing Starter Kit

    Glucology® Lancing Starter Kit

    $ 19.95 AUD $ 27.95 AUD

      1 x Glucology® Lancing Device 

      Many people simply use the lancing device that comes along with their glucose meter. We know lancing can be uncomfortable, so we created the Glucology® Lancing Device.

      • Simple - twist-off top and one-touch lancet release.
      • 9 Depth Settings - accommodates the depth of your skin.
      • Accepts Universal Lancets - compatible with most twist-top lancets.
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      1 x 100 Pack Glucology® Lancets 30g

      The Glucology® lancets are high-quality, surgical steel-cut lancets to be used when testing your blood glucose levels. 

      • Ultra-thin 30 Guage - for a less painful blood sample.
      • Gamma-sterilised and electropolished
      • A Mix of Colours - bright Blue and Green, easier to keep a track of.
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