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I have no regrets: diabetes community edition

by IBD Medical on September 13, 2023

Diabetes Community Questions

Managing diabetes can get expensive very fast! But what is that one thing that you actually don't regret spending so much money on as it has really helped you out in your situation? 

We went to our community to ask them that very question. 

 Some of our favourite shares:

  • Oh, i have spent lots on all kinds of things.... all of them life changing in a good way... but the one that i spent the most on would probably be Compression gloves... I have so many pairs that I've damaged wearing 24/7, but they have made my life so much better. Especially while living abroad. In colder climates like south Korea or North Eastern China where it gets below -30 degrees celsius I get bad trigger fingers and they stop that happening. So totally worth it - Rohan F.
  • Cases from Glucology - Connor C.
  • The dang Endo. But such a huge help. Get new gadgets and loads of new info coz she knows so dang much 😂 - T1 Diabetes South Africa
  • Microlet rainbow lancets. I’m one of those people that changes the lancet most every time and I greatly prefer those. And like the colors 😹 I’ve also purchased quite a few genteel devices. Put the two together...I cannot recommend this enough 👍👍 
  • Adhesive remover wipes - Leesha W.
  • Lot of test strips and the GC sensor. I love it - Illenyi A. 


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